Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fallon Park

Fallon Park, just northeast of Five Points, and sloping with its long narrow shape down to Crabtree Creek at Anderson Drive, is a long necklace in Raleigh's park jewels. The remains of a small mill structure lend even more interest to a wonderful rockfall along the creek that defines the park.

The headwaters of Fallon Creek arise in the middle of the very plush neighborhood
along White Oak Road.

Above are rockpools that my kids explored with great joy.
The smaller rocks of the upper park.

greenway bridge and mill site

mill site

Fallon Park neighborhood

lower park
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Karl said...

I think this is the Whitaker Mill site. I'll need to check my maps to be certain.

Arthur in the Garden! said...

Love this site!!


Betsy said...


This has been helpful to me. We are researching our family history & didn't know until recently about Isaac (tavern owner) Hunter owning any mills, although his tavern was out Old Wake Forest Rd. in the Hilton/Hyatt hotel location on what had been the Biggs property & their home, Hardimont. It would have been do-able to travel to these mill locations, of Lassiter & Whitaker. Plus, a daughter of his later lived near, what is now Carroll middle school. What is really spooky is that we moved onto Anderson Dr. with no knowledge of previous history & my brother & I played in Fallon park on what we referred to as Chimney rock. Did you ever check out the outcrop under the Anderson Dr. bridge? We thought there might have been a mill there.

Leslie Hinnant Kornegay said...

I can remember riding dirt bikes with Lisa and Maria Gombatz there. One of them burned their leg. Can't remember whose bikes they were- Billy Thornburg maybe?