Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flowering 2012

A belated look at the many wonderful flowers this relatively rainy spring.

purple vetch

above; bull thistle foliage

wildflowers in our front yard are below

mullein; below is 1st year rosette
the early less shady flowering time of spring


Mary Pat Kellagher said...

What beautiful memories of 2012 Raleigh spring. Una and I also enjoyed the buttercups along the greenway. John, do you know what the big blooms that look like Hibiscus are? from the stretch between Bain and Lake Wheeler Road. They are large white blossoms on tall single stalks.

RaleighNaturalist said...

The flowers Mart Pat refers to are swamp mallow - on the wonderful wetland stretch of greenway between Fayetville and Saunders.