Sunday, July 12, 2009

Acadia and Mount Desert Island, Part Two

Cara and I spent the last week of June at Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor, Maine. We stayed at Emory's Cottages on Sand Point of Frenchman's Bay. This view of low tide is from the shore of our cottage site. This second picture post covers Sand Point, our boat trips, and Indian Point nature preserve.

sunset kayakers on Frenchman's Bay

Cara's tidal pool close-up

starfish pictures by Cara


Sand Point cave

Sand Point cliff with natural bridge

Sand Point geology
Mount Desert Island, Maine


Bar Harbor schooner


Great Head from whalewatching boat
Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bar Harbor island geology
natural bridge

bald eagle on Bar Harbor island

Egg Island lighthouse, Bar Harbor, Maine

Egg Island seals


oceangoing bird


Mount Desert Rock, Maine
Lighthouse is 25 miles out to sea.

grey seal in water

Cara's seal picture

Indain Point, home to largest population
of harbor seals north of Boston.
Indian Point Nature Preserve
Mount Desert Island, Maine

old man's beard by Cara

dock meadow at Indian Point
red beech at Seal Harbor, Maine

lobster trap display

pregnant lobster at hatchery
Oceanarium, Bar Harbor, Maine


Long Pond from a canoe
Acadia National Park

Long Pond from marshy area


Cara's cormorant

foggy island in Bar Harbor

Somes Sound waterfall

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