Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garner to Gresham's - Person Street tour

If you start at Highway 50 and Timber Drive in Garner, you can drive a thoroughfare from here through downtown Raleigh out to Gresham's lake at Capital and 540. Timber to Hammond to Person to Wake Forest to Atlantic to Old Wake Forest - this long stretch is featured at Raleigh Nature in a "Straight Streets" post.

Above is the dead end of Timber, just across 50. The south end of Garner is just full of loblollies!

Below is Wildcat Creek as it crosses Hammond.

Micostegia off Hammond
greenway at cypress bog from Hammond

No Hand King at person and MLK Blvd.

Guv's Mansion and garden

Person Street features Marsh Woodwinds and the Mordecai House.

Person used to connect to Wake Forest Rd. here.

Dangerous Atlantic Ave bridge

Greenway under Atlantic

At the north end, this stretch is just short of Gresham's lake, where Paul now stands.

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